Argosy Casino

Argosy Casino is a pavilion as well as entertainment structure that delivers a variety of services as well as amenities to the guests. Argosy Casino provides services and amenities including ticketing, Preferred Players Club counter, gift shop, theme dining establishments and pubs. Argosy Casino offers car parking spaces designed for 1, 800 car. Argosy Casino garage is covered for security and convenience. Guests and gamers can easily shift off their vehicles straight into pavilion and to the casino as well as back again underneath a single roof. Argosy Casino posseses an amusement pavilion that has 3 degrees of dining establishments, bars as well as lounges and also an accessibility route to the hotel.

Argosy Casino has a 300-room hotel that provides the comfort as well as luxury of guest visitors as well as avid gamers. Argosy Casino has luxurious suites, suites as well as ADA compliant accommodations that you can choose from. Argosy Casino has Argosy VI, regarded as the most famous riverboat casino in the entire world which can be found next to the actual leisure pavilion of Argosy Casino. This particular “Superboat” can cater to well over 4, 000 people together with 3 decks. Every single deck level comes with a area larger than a football field.

The huge Argosy Casino has 2, 300 slot machines and much more than 80 game tables. There are independent higher denomination slot as well as table game locations furnished by Argosy Casino. Argosy Casino is recognized by the state of Indiana Gaming Commission as being the casino that has the loosest as well as very best paying slots. That merely implies that at Argosy Casino, you’ve got a lot more likelihood of winning from a slot machine than any place else within Indiana.

Argosy Casino offers shuttle system to help customers that are staying in downtown Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky region. The actual shuttle service is available from Monday thru Thursdays and it has round trip transfer, casino admission and 50% price reduction for the buffet food. Argosy Casino has just opened up this latest facility, the Party Room. Party Room has complete service catering, audio-visual facilities, hotel and more. Argosy Casino offers corporate rates for company travelers. And with regard to older folks a $1. 00 off the entrance price other than Friday through Sunday is provided. To be eligible for this promo you have to be 55 years or older.

Argosy Casino provides resort packages and casino deals to guests and players alike. Argosy Casino charges $83 with regard to accommodations and gaming entry right from Sunday to Thursday towards guests in the hotel. Argosy Casino package deal includes over night lodging for those participants, gaming admission, a single free breakfast or even lunch buffet in one day, per customer in the Passport buffet. The price of the actual Argosy Casino package deal is based on double occupancy. Argosy Casino charges $93 or more right from Sundays to Thursdays. Every Fridays, Argosy Casino charges $134- $154. While in Saturday $145 – $165 is charged by way of Argosy Casino.